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We had a Wild Night Tonight!


Wild? Did I say Wild? Well, Ahem…wild for us! It all started with a few (yes, just a few!) grey hairs, and a haircut….then before we knew it we had made quite the rounds!This is how it all started… My friend Andrea mentioned awhile back that the guy who last cut her hair had left and she would have to find another person to cut her hair, my ears perked up…since my friend Valerie has deserted me for visiting her family for the holidays (I know, how rude!) I had no other choice…”Really?” I said to Andrea….”Well….if ya wanna….maybe you could put my color on for me and I’ll cut your hair!” She liked my Brilliant idea and today was the day!! Andrea and Don showed up and Scott and Don quickly skidaddled , soon thereafter, in search of escape from the beautifying afternoon that us girls were so gleefully looking forward to! I don’t know why they ran soooo fast, it’s not like we would’ve been able to beautify them!!! But anywhoooo, Scott took Don up to show him our property with the instructions to meet us back here at the house to go have dinner when we were done getting gorgeous!

Just as we were getting close to finishing up our beauty party Scott called and said that he and Don were at George’s Grill having a beer, “call us when your done and we’ll meet you at the BCP”. Okay…We had a little more time so I told Scott I’d call him in a bit. Andrea and Don had told us about a little event that they thought sounded fun at the BCP ,( for my friends in the States thats the Boquete Community Players, this is kind of a community center where they have plays and they hold the Tuesday Market) . They are hosting a Football night on Sundays and they have two different rooms with different games going on two big screen TV’s and then they have yummy food and drinks, today it was pulled pork which is always a great big YES for us!

Andrea and I were about as purty as we were gonna get so we called they guys to tell them we’d meet them at the BCP. Scott said, “we just ordered another beer and an appetizer,(Surprise, Surprise!) why don’t you guys come on over here then we’ll go to the BCP” That sounded just fine to us so we scooted on over to Georges, I ordered a Sangria and we just chatted a bit while we shared a nice appetizer and the guys finished their beer. Then we all hopped in our cars and headed over to have a little pulled pork…..Well…..Screeeeech! Low and behold they only had enough pulled pork for two little sandwiches sooooo the hungriest of us (I wont mention any names here) ate the two little pulled pork sandwiches and we all had a drink and decided this would be yet another little appetizer. No problem! Next up on our wild night out on the town…..Big Daddy’s for some fish tacos and Margarita’s!!!

Andrea & Don run a small B&B http://www.boqueteguesthouse.com and coincidentally their guests where also having dinner at Big Daddy’s! Such a nice young couple. They let Don & Andrea know that in the morning they were being picked up at 3:00am to go on a big 4 wheel adventure up the volcano, Voncan Baru. This is the highest point in all of Panama and we haven’t done it yet, but have heard it’s quite an amazing trip. Don & Andrea really get to meet so many great people who come to stay at their place. So, dinner was lot’s of fun. We laughed and chatted and laughed some more then decided it was time for one more place…..Yes, you guessed it….Gelato!!! Betcha didn’t know Boquete has Gelato! Yep! And its really yummy! We walked through town on a beautiful evening to top it all off with a bit of gelato! And the evening was complete! I know what your thinking…”wow! They are really wild and crazy!” We hit four different establishments in one night! And lived to tell about it! Ha!Ha! Two gorgeous women and four full tummy’s, I must say , A good time was had by all!


Fun Was Had By All!



We had a great dinner with our new friends, Andrea and Don last night. Scott and I cooked dinner and Andrea made a Chocolate Cocoanut cheesecake. We went to the market yesterday and got everything we needed to make lot’s of yummy food. We decided we would do a lomo de cerdo (Pork tenderloin) with Papas asadas ( roasted potatoes) and sandia gezpatcho ( watermelon gezpatcho) but first we thought we’d make Scott’s yummy Bruchetta. We had such a good time cooking again , it’s been such a long time. Plus it’s a great adventure to find all the things we needed . Learning how to use my translator app on my phone! I know, you thought I was doing so good! Not so much…but I’m doing good at using my app, for sure! Next week we start our intensive spanish school. I’ll keep you posted on my “actual’ spanish skills, when I finally start being able to actually speak and understand a bit of what’s going on around me. (insert eye-roll here!) .

Andrea and Don have a beautiful home , as I’ve written about already. They run a B & B Called “Boquete Guesthouse”. They have a web sight ( http://www.boqueteguesthouse.com) and you can also find them on Air B&B. They’re place is very popular and they seem to be getting very booked up. Andrea really enjoys meeting new people and she and Don are very friendly hosts. She makes a mean Espresso Martini, my kind O’ girl, for sure! They have a really amazing view of the canyon and of the mountains surrounding them, and when the weather is clear you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean, it’s truly a spectacular setting. Last night we sat outside on their covered patio to enjoy our delicious dinner. They had candles and the climate here in Boquete allows year-round outdoor dining! Gotta love that! This California girl just loves the Thunder and lightening that adds to the ambiance of the al fresco dinning. You just don’t get that kind of weather in California. Good food, good drinks amazing desert and new friends…Fun was had by all! This Adventure is goin’ just fine! Life is GOOD, in Boquete! Cheers! 🙂