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Always Learning 😁, Usually By Trial and Often By Errors!


Back in June I had the bright idea to start blogging as a way to chronicle our plans and preparations to expatriate ,with the hopes to continue sharing our life as expats after we move. I thought it would be a fun way for our friends and family to keep track of us after we are gone. I also thought it might shine some light on our crazy plans for those who were just shaking their heads and saying,” HUH?”. “WHY?”😱😱 In the course of researching and reading everything I could find about expatriating I had discovered reading other blogs written by people who had already made the leap into a life that Scott and I longed to experience ourselves someday. Somehow I realized,” Hey, I could do this blogging thing!” I love writing and as an avid reader I knew that good writing comes from having a passion for your subject! I most defenitly had a newfound passion! Although the jury’s still out as to how good the writing is! (sigh!). You gotta give me an ‘A’ for effort though! (Big Smile!)

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