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A Very Different Border Run This Time…



We just got back home from San Vito, Costa Rica and I have to say, all in all, it was a wonderful little mini vacation, in spite of a little unexpected glitch, (otherwise known as me falling down!). Our last border run we went through a different border, there are two borders to choose from, Paso Canoas and Rio Sereno. Last time we went through at the Paso Canoas border and it was a totally different experience (Yuck!). Paso Canoas is a bit closer and easier to get to, but it’s not a pleasant place, in my opinon. Rio Sereno, on the other hand is a fairly pleasant little crossing, much quieter and not crowded at all! The only sort of bad thing is , if you’re prone to motion sickness , the twisting, curving road through the mountains may not be your cup of tea. I don’t happen to suffer from motion sickness so I found the drive delightful. It’s quite lovely, meandering through a lush green, picturesque area.

When we arrived in the little town of Rio Serano we then had to figure out exactly where the border was. It wasn’t especially evident at first, so we just sort of drove around until we saw an official-ish looking building then Valerie hopped out to investigate. Sure enough, that was the spot. Our friends learned many things about us on this trip but I think the first thing they learned was that we don’t do a lot of planning before we go on a trip. We like to think we’re being spontaneous and adventurous but really , there are times when we’re not always especially smart! This was one such instance when we may have been wise to figure out one tiny detail…. We hadn’t looked into where we should leave our car for the weekend. Ooops! Well, Scott simply found a “good enough” looking spot on the side of the road and pulled over. We had no idea how safe or un-safe it was to just leave a nice car parked on the side of the road for the weekend, but (shrug) what else could we do? We walked away from the car just hoping it would still be there, in one piece, when we returned on Sunday. And given the fact that this post isn’t titled “Car-less in Rio Serano” or “Keith, what do we dooooo!”, you doubtless know the car survived the weekend. Whew!

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A weekend Away…



We’re in Costa Rica at the moment visiting a small town in the mountains called San Vito. We found a great little B&B ,www.casabotania.com. They arranged for a taxi to collect us after we crossed the border Rio Sareno. The taxi cost $25.00 and took about thirty minutes to get here . It was a beautiful drive through the mountains , the landscape is just spectacular … Green as far as the eye can see. Unfortunately I had a bit of an accident at the border, I was wearing flip flops (not smart!) and I slipped and took a pretty bad fall. My ankle is injured and now I can’t walk well at all. Such a disappointment ! But the good news is , our good friends Mark & Valerie are traveling with us and being the consummate athletes that they are , they’ve got lots of past experience with injuries of this sort ( not that they fall down a lot or anything !). All three of my traveling companions helped me make it through the border as best as they could . And we borrowed a wheel chair from the Costa Rica border office, they just happened to have one sitting there and given how pathetic I was, the guy offered to let us use it. It turns out, Considering this Is my first big injury of this sort, I learned that It’s really, not easy for me to lean on people . Valerie had to keep telling me to put all my weight on her and Scott… It’s not easy to do! The ankle is really very bad, I may go see a doctor tomorrow just to make sure it’s not broken…Ugggg!! This is gonna be a reading and relaxing trip for this gal ! Oh well. We had a wonderful dinner and plenty of wine so now I’m ready to sleep! Cross your fingers that my ankle is better tomorrow .