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Craving Chinese Food!



Okay.. so we knew that one thing we would really miss about living in the Silicon Valley was gonna be the variety of food. There are many good restaurants here in Boquete. We love George’s Grill, Big Daddy’s, Sugar & spice and Baru’s just to name a few. But we have yet to have found any Chinese food…not to mention Thai food or caribbean food or Greek food , but I digress. We’ve been craving Chinese food lately. We know of only one Chinese restaurant and tonight we had the opportunity to give it a try. Well, it wasn’t Chef Chu’s, But it wasn’t bad. Even though we were the only people in the restaurant we didn’t let that stop us from having a good dinner. We mostly cook at home but when we feel like going out to eat we really love that here in Boquete there’s many good restaurants to choose from. Read the rest of this entry