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A Couple Day’s At The Beach…



Since moving to Boquete we’ve had the opportunity to take several little trips to different areas in Panama and Costa Rica. We always love seeing new places and experiencing different areas. But, I have to tell you, every single time we’re away from our new home , we’re delighted when it’s time to go home again. It’s funny how happy we are to go ‘home’! So this past two days we spent hanging out on the beach with some great new friends that we met through my blog. Dan & Janet were out visiting back in August and we all got together and went on a coffee tour and had a great time. We’ve kept in touch with them as they’ve been preparing to make their move out here to Panama. They decided to plan one more vacation out here before they make their actual move which will be early next year. But this time they invited their good friends along, Sheldon & Laurie and their two kids Amanda & Branden. They rented a house on the beach in Boca Chica and we rented a small casita nearby. For my readers who don’t live here, Boca Chica is a small beach community about 2 hours drive from Boquete. We had done a bit of driving around that area in the past but had never really spent much time there so we were happy to have the opportunity to spend more time there.

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Fun Was Had By All!



We had a great dinner with our new friends, Andrea and Don last night. Scott and I cooked dinner and Andrea made a Chocolate Cocoanut cheesecake. We went to the market yesterday and got everything we needed to make lot’s of yummy food. We decided we would do a lomo de cerdo (Pork tenderloin) with Papas asadas ( roasted potatoes) and sandia gezpatcho ( watermelon gezpatcho) but first we thought we’d make Scott’s yummy Bruchetta. We had such a good time cooking again , it’s been such a long time. Plus it’s a great adventure to find all the things we needed . Learning how to use my translator app on my phone! I know, you thought I was doing so good! Not so much…but I’m doing good at using my app, for sure! Next week we start our intensive spanish school. I’ll keep you posted on my “actual’ spanish skills, when I finally start being able to actually speak and understand a bit of what’s going on around me. (insert eye-roll here!) .

Andrea and Don have a beautiful home , as I’ve written about already. They run a B & B Called “Boquete Guesthouse”. They have a web sight ( http://www.boqueteguesthouse.com) and you can also find them on Air B&B. They’re place is very popular and they seem to be getting very booked up. Andrea really enjoys meeting new people and she and Don are very friendly hosts. She makes a mean Espresso Martini, my kind O’ girl, for sure! They have a really amazing view of the canyon and of the mountains surrounding them, and when the weather is clear you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean, it’s truly a spectacular setting. Last night we sat outside on their covered patio to enjoy our delicious dinner. They had candles and the climate here in Boquete allows year-round outdoor dining! Gotta love that! This California girl just loves the Thunder and lightening that adds to the ambiance of the al fresco dinning. You just don’t get that kind of weather in California. Good food, good drinks amazing desert and new friends…Fun was had by all! This Adventure is goin’ just fine! Life is GOOD, in Boquete! Cheers! 🙂





Who’s Cookin’ Dinner Tonight?


I’m usually pretty spoiled when it comes to dinnertime! Scott loves to cook so I don’t starve. I don’t actually think the possibility of me starving is actually why he likes to cook, but I must admit that from time to time I wonder how I survived without his cooking! Before Scott came into our lives I think Mariah and I just foraged for food. Most nights when I get home from work Scott has dinner ready to go or at least pretty close to ready. I usually try to help by assisting with chopping or hand him this or that or I follow him around cleaning while he’s cooking, of course there is the occasional evening when I plop myself down at the kitchen island and enjoy a glass of wine while I chat with the cook . For him, sharing at least one meal together each day is very important and I’m glad. It’s so nice to end the day together and chat about our day . It’s a nice tradition that I’m grateful he has always insisted on. So lately, my cook has not been so motivated to cook, I know, what’s up with that? huh? I’m so neglected! Well, I jest! We are both understandably distracted and exhausted by the whirlwind that is our life at the moment. Not only are we not especially prepared for our weekly meal plan, but we haven’t even had time and energy to get to the market to buy food! So we recently discovered Waiters on Wheels. Love that web sight! They deliver food from a large list of local restaurants. Last night we ordered from a Moroccan restaurant in Mountain View, Yum! We will try not to make it an every night occurrence but I must say, it’s quite convenient at the moment! I am planning to try to get to the market in the next day or so but we shall see how that well intentioned plan goes! One things for sure, we will not go hungry!

I have a feeling that our life has already taken on a much different flow from what we are accustomed to. I was just mentioning to Scott the other night that our days of cooking elaborate , gourmet meals in our beautiful kitchen could very well be over already. Scott will likely shed a tear for his Viking stove! Given the fact that we will be living in the house for only two more weeks and our agenda is so focused on working on the house till the wee hours of the evenings ,cooking and planning meals is naturally on the very bottom of our list of priorities. As a matter of fact I hate to admit this but we actually have frozen pizza sitting in our freezer for dinner tonight! Shocking! I know!