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Scott put his truck on Craigslist this morning and Wham! Sold! just like that! Holy Moly that was easy! Now we are car-less, whoo hoo! But now we gotta get to the rental place to get some temporary wheels. I’m feelin’ mighty unencumbered with each passing day!! Big Smile! 🙂 Cheers!

Thank Goodness For Craigslist!



Scott was very productive the other day. His workers didn’t show up yesterday so he decided to be productive in a different way. He decided to post a few things for sale on Craigslist. His motorcycle, an old car stereo, and a handgun. All three items sold the very day he placed the adds! Amazing! The people who bought them came that day and picked them up. With the exception of the handgun which we learned is illegal to sell in the state of California , he was able to find a gun store in another state and mailed it off already. Whew! Im really impressed with how fast he was able to sell his junk. ( I would never call it Junk In front of Scott !) One persons junk is another persons treasure, that’s true. Hurray! For Craigslist!!!