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It’s A Dilemma!



Copper and Midnight patiently waiting to be let in the house.

I’ve told you about our cats, Midnight & Copper. They are litter mates. We got them when they were just a few weeks old. One of my clients came into my salon asking if I knew of anyone who might want a kitten. A stray cat had somehow gotten under her house and gave birth to a slew of kittens! That was nearly thirteen years ago. They are beautiful long haired , part Maine Coon cats. I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘cat person’, but apparently somehow I morphed into one! I grew up with dogs and have always loved dogs, but I must admit I love my two cats. They kinda grew on me. I know I can speak for Scott when I say that he too has developed a deep fondness for the little fur balls!

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