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One Beautiful Master Bathroom DONE! Yep, DONE!



It’s so beautiful! For those of you who haven’t been to our house, there has not been any finished cabinetry anywhere since we moved back in about five years ago. Not because Scott was being lazy, noooo, but because he was busy remodeling other people’s houses. It just wasn’t possible for us to survive on one income while he devoted his time to finishing our house. Now that we are sprinting to the finish line we are making it work by the skin of our teeth. When Scott and I set our sights on a goal we may run into a snag now and then or we may be faced with the necessity of a detour of some sort, but we get to where we want to go eventually in spite of how difficult it may be. So every time we reach another milestone I rejoice! This master bath completion.. Is cause for rejoicing!!! I have 16 drawers in that delicious bathroom! And actual cabinet doors, with handles!! It’s amazing how much you appreciate little things like drawers! More than appreciating the joy of cabinetry, I’m massively proud of Scott and the meticulous workmanship that goes into the cabinetry that he is custom designing and producing himself. He is my Renaissance man!