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Progress Report…



This week the focus on the casita project is building walls. What that means for Scott is that he’s driving back and forth from the supply store with brick, brick, and more brick as well as bags of cement. Luckily the delivery trucks have been managing to get to the entrance to our lot with loads of rock. This has really been a great help to Scott. The delivery trucks can carry about 3-4 times the amount that Scotts little truck can carry which means quite a few trips less for him. We got a big surprise on Monday, it seems that our neighbor who owns the finca right next to our lot has decided to improve the road and he had a tractor and a crew of workers up there clearing trees and brush an leveling out the dirt, maybe they will pour an actual road soon! It’s already so much better and I cant wait to see what they do next. Read the rest of this entry

I have a confession to make…



Ok, I hope your sitting down ,because what I’m about to divulge about myself may shock and appall those sensitive souls who thought they knew me…..Ok, here it goes….I Hate to clean the kitchen immediately after eating dinner!! There! I’ve said it, now you know my dirty little secret!! Aside from the glorious year that my mother in Law lived with us,( a year of immediate post dinner kitchen cleanliness), I am naturally inclined to enjoy my dinner,( lovingly prepared for me by by adoring hubby), and then just toss all the dishes into the sink to sit until a much later time( I will admit…sometimes when I was working ten or twelve hour days, most of the week they waited, yikes!) . Yes, I have been known (only to myself, of course) to occasionally (Only occasionally mind you!) find mysterious things growing in the patiently waiting tableware sitting in the sink when I eventually get around to cleaning it. But come on, Really? Who enjoys getting up from a scrumptious meal ( son several glasses of red wine) and clean??? Not me! NOOOOOO I much prefer to procrastinate as long as possible, like until someone may come over and discover that I am a total slob! Or until we have run out of clean silverware or glasses. Then and only then would I clean it up. I know, shocking, huh?

You may be wondering why I’ve made this dirty little secret public? Well, because all that is behind me now. Yes, I do mourn those days of lounging about after dinner and putting off what I could do much much later. Why? you may ask, have I morphed into an “immediately cleaning the kitchen after dinner” gal? Well, it’s simple really….ANTS!!! Not your ordinary “city ants”, no! These ants come in HORDES!! And they somehow mysteriously know to come IMMEDIATELY!!!! Geesh!! And my hatred of all things “BUGS” overrides my love of lazing about right after dinner. I swear!!@#$? Those damn ants don’t even give me time to sit and finish my wine!!!( How RUDE!) And the worst thing is …..I have no dishwasher here!! man Oh man, am I screwed! And not even a garbage disposal either…..HUMPH! And Scott and I have an agreement that Is to me very fair, he cooks and I clean (this works for me). But when we lived in Los Altos and had a regular pest control company who faithfully kept our house bug free, I could just be as sloppy as I liked without being attacked by ten Bazillion little ants! Where do they come from??? I just don’t’ get it. One second they are not there and ( I do not exaggerate) the next second any teeny tiny morsel of any kind of food is totally COVERED in a multitude of ants!!! I’ve just never seen anything like it!!

Well, I felt as though I could share this little tid-bit with you because I am a transformed women. No longer am I guilty of being such a sloppy gal after dinner. I have those pesky ants to thank for providing me a reason for transforming into a grown up. Not only that, but did I mention I’m retired now?? yep…No more ten or twelve hour workdays, no more getting home totally drained and barely able to move. Nooooo I don’t suddenly love cleaning my kitchen…but I don’t mind nearly as much as before. Yes, I bet if it weren’t for those damn ants I would very likely still enjoy kicking back after dinner and ignoring all those dirty dishes in the sink for a few days or even all week, that’s honestly just me. I have never been , nor will I ever be much of a neat-freak. I love things to be clean but man, I just don’t’ love being the one to make it that way consistently. I used to be one to let it all pile up and then get to it later. Not now, no, now my tiny little kitchen sparkles immediately after dinner every single night. I know, you are just relieved beyond belief to know this… and your glad I told you to sit down before I broke the news to you, right? Shocking, I know. Mostly, I’m happy to report that our kitchen is ANT FREE!! THere will be no attacking my kitchen!!