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Holiday Fair At Harley Farm🎄



For the last few years We have enjoy our yearly trek with Pat over the hill to Pescadero for the Holiday fair at the Goat cheese farm. They have a big barn,( well, several big barns!) and upstairs in the converted hay loft they have a lovely array of hand crafted items to admire and purchase. All the artists are local and the variety of art is always fun to see. There is beautiful sea glass jewelry, knitted items, a women hand weaving the yarn as you admire her wares and many eatable things like lavender honey cheese, lavender sachets, peppermint bark, and jewelry made from antique beads, just to name a few. This year they expanded the fair into a second barn and its more of a small retail set up . They even had PAINT made from goat milk! What? In the original barn they have a lovely cheese shop , Scott bought two cheeses Fromage Blanc and goat cheese ricotta . They have a nice selection of many things made from their goat milk . We always like to watch the goats roam around and butt heads or chew on the fence or just chomp on hay. They are adorable little guys, for sure, although kinda stinky! Ha! Ha! I’d like to try to get back over there in the spring time to see the babies! Read the rest of this entry