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Enjoying The Beauty and Luxury Of California Before Our Re-Location!



12/16/12. Scott needed to use a very generous gift card he received as a big thank you from some friends who he did a bathroom remodel for. The gift card was for golf at Poppy Hills golf course on 17 Mile Drive in Monterey. Soooooo given the fact that there is a marvelous spa conveniently located near Poppy Hills golf course, I was happy to tag along with my sweetie! This was a golf game I would enjoy , for sure! We met our friends at the golf course , the boys jumped in their golf cart as me and my girlfriend followed the friendly GPS to “The Spa at Pebble Beach”! We were on a mission to indulge ourselves in much needed, and much deserved opulent luxuriating ! Ahhhhh!  We were not a surprised, to confirm what we both suspected ,” we are ‘naturals’ when it comes to luxuriating !”. Yep! We had no problem soaking up every moment of our delicious spa day! We truly BELONGED there!

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