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It’s a Hairy situation….



What’s the Freakin’ problem!!! Well, ya see, I’ve been living here in Panama for nearly six months now and about two weeks before I got on that airplane with my kitties and my two suitcases, my dear friend Natalie gave me a haircut. Sooooo it’s been nearly six months since I’ve had my haircut! I know, I can get away with going a pretty long time in between haircuts with this wild, curly hair, but this is getting a bit ridiculous, even for me. Why? you say,is this such a big deal? Well….”Big deal?” Shrug…I don’t know that I’d call it a “Big deal”, per say. It’s just that ,well, I’ve never in my life walked into a hair salon , where I didnt know anyone, and sat down in a styling chair in front of a complete stranger, to have my hair cut ! I know, all my clients who are reading this right now are probably laughing! “Now she knows how we feel!”. And I will say, “yes, and it’s not fun!”

Even before my thirty years as a stylist I grew up in a household with two hairdressers so I’ve ‘never ‘had a haircut by someone I didn’t know. Both my parents were licensed stylists, as a matter of fact they met while they were in cosmetology school! I know, that’s a whole other story! But My Father was the one who ended up pursuing it as his career and he, like me,( or should I say , Me , like him) was a salon owner. As a matter of fact, his salon, where I grew up spending a lot of time, was located in the same small town where I also owned my salon. His salon was very large with about fifteen stylists who worked for him. But I never worked in my Dad’s salon. No, I liked him too much and besides that, I never wanted to be “the owners daughter”. Read the rest of this entry

Reflections on an Awesome Career βœ‚


The end of my career as a hairdresser and business owner is fast approaching,(Sigh!) . Our goal date for leaving is June, 2013 . I find myself trying to imagine what that’s going to feel like. To leave my dear little salon for the last time. To do my last haircut. What will that last day of work be like? Will I be able to see through all my tears to give a good haircut? I wouldn’t want to be my last appointment on that day, that’s for sure! Yikes! 😁It’s really quite amazing to me, how important my relationships with all my clients (Friends!) have become. I even hesitate using the word ‘client’ because that term, to me, denotes a kind of an impersonal relationship and really doesn’t feel like an accurate term when I address you all.

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