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Leaving Cuenca on Wed, & heading home Thurs


Wed morning we checked out of our Villa Nova Inn. It was time for the treacherous but scenic van ride back to Guayaquil . We left at 6:30am Thurs morning so we arranged to spend one night at the Palace hotel , where we stayed one night at the beginning of our trip.

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“You”re LEAVING the US?”, And US! 😱.


Many people wonder, “why?”. Why do you want to leave the States? Well….. How to summarize five years of much contemplation. It began with a conversation we were having during a desperately dark , scary and sad period in our lives several years ago. We were dreaming of escaping our sorrow and the difficulty life at that time had presented to us. Im not sure if it was me or Scott , probably me, who said,”let’s just leave ! Move out of the country! Just escape!”.
It was an appealing dream at the time to just run away and start over. We both knew at the time that it wasn’t anything even remotely possible for us. But, boy was it therapeutic to just talk about what it would be like to move to a different country and start a new life, learn a new language, assimilate into a different culture, make new friends. Where would we go? What would our lives look like? How would we do it? How would we shed all this baggage we’ve accumulated , house, business, cars, debt, all the material possessions that define this life here. It all just began to feel so unimportant and burdensome .
Our priorities were definitely beginning to change. As we looked around at all the things that we were working so hard to have, we just felt like we were ready for something entirely different. This change of heart was likely precipitated by this very challenging period of time in our lives. When life gets very precarious it tends to make you stop in your tracks and really look clearly at what’s important to you. Both Scott and I now realize that we are just done spending the majority of our life working really hard for a really costly house in an expensive area and taxes. Both of us want to slow down, work less and have more time to enjoy each other and life.
Now that we’ve survived that most difficult time and life is good, our dream is rapidly turning into a reality. And that reality is no longer a means of escaping unhappiness but packing up our happiness and taking it on an exciting adventure! So this is the shortest answer I could muster to a Query that has many scratching their heads and saying….”You’re leaving us? Why?”. We are really hoping to have lots of house guests in our new home, where ever that may be! I’ll be bribing you all with Scott’s delicious food and a private tour guide , if that doesn’t do it well then you’ll be missing out on an adventure. 😊