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Our Twilight Twinkle Tour ! Whooo! Hoooo!



The Twilight Twinkle Tour Gang! Scott, Jason,Caroline,Jesse,Me, Liz,Mariah,Cole

A Memory to last a lifetime ! Yep, zip lining through the redwoods at night with a giant elf and seven of my friends qualifies as a memory to last a lifetime! Screaming, crazy laughing, flying like a rocket man (Cole!) , and hugging trees(Caroline!) are things I will fondly remember! Our Twilight Twinkle Tour was a successful adventure full of much screaming (ME!), lots of laughing(everyone) and a bit of overcoming fears of heights(I won’t mention any names(Caroline)) ! The Santa Cruz mountains was a fabulous backdrop for a holiday gathering and we couldn’t have chosen a better night for such an adventure!

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