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The Gift Of A Memory To Last A Lifetime



Can you think of a more special gift than the gift of FUN!!! I certainly can’t ! Which is why I’m taking a group of special people zip lining through the forest in the Santa Cruz mountains! Yep! Not ‘Only Zip Lining’, but Zip Lining At NIGHT!! WhoooooHooooo! It’s called a ” Twilight Twinkle Tour!”. They only do this during the month of December, they decorate the forest with twinkling Christmas lights and the guides are dressed as elves,( or are they actually elves?, Hmmmm?). This glorious event is Sunday night, December 9th and I’ll let you know if it turns out as fun and glorious as I expect it to be! I know I’ll be enjoying an adventure with my friends and creating a memory that will last a lifetime.



Commence Tree Chopping!


Our tradition has always been to drive up into the mountains and chop down our Christmas tree on the Sunday after Thanksgiving . This year it seemed a bit premature because it’s not even December yet! But , oh well! Up to the mountains we went!

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