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Lucky? Really? Hmmmm…



Your So Lucky!

Lately I’ve noticed that this is the reaction we get from complete strangers when we tell them that we are moving to Panama. “Your so Lucky!”. Hmmmm…. Ive been thinking about that. Are we “Lucky”? In my mind ‘Luck’ is something that ‘Happens’ to you, as opposed to actually ‘ ‘Making’ something happen with intention . Winning the lottery would be lucky. Finding a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk would be lucky! I suppose to a complete stranger who doesn’t know anything about us or how or why our move is taking place, might see it as ‘Luck’. Possibly moving away to another country sounds like something they would dream of doing but would never actually act on . Therefore by virtue of our apparent ability to follow through with our dream , and to make it a reality, they see us as , ‘Lucky’! This may be true.

I know I feel pretty ‘lucky’ to have a partner who wants to live the same kind of life that I find appealing . We’re ‘both’ equally ready to change the way we live our lives and we’re ready to experience a completely different culture. We’re on the same page in terms of our willingness to trade in the life we are accustomed to and letting go of expectations and familiarity . If only one of us liked the idea of making such an extreme lifestyle change , we’d be in big trouble! We are ‘lucky’ to share a very similar desire to take on such an enormous lifestyle change.

Luckily Scott and I are not averse to hard work because there is much hard work to put our plan into action. One of the nice things about our partnership is that we have a nice balance of skill-sets that combine to make a great team. This is truly lucky! I have a vocation that I love which provides the financial support that enables Scott to work full time at completing the construction of our house. If Scott had to work full time in order for us to pay the mortgage he would never be able to prepare our house to sell. We are both working hard at doing what we do best as we work together towards a common desire. In this , we are lucky. We work well together in the strategizing and prioritizing of all the details it takes to move our lives to another country. Our lists are extensive! We have built our lists together and as we check things off the lists we feel a sense of accomplishment that ‘together’ we are working towards a mutually satisfying goal. Is this ‘Lucky’? Maybe.

I suppose if I’m truly honest with myself I do feel ‘lucky’ to have made the decision to begin going down a new path. Having a life partner who is so incredibly well matched with me makes me feel ‘lucky’, indeed! The timing of our plans finally coming to fruition feels pretty ‘lucky’. Everything seems to be falling into place just as it needs to in order for us to feel like our plan is moving along smoothly. It’s been my experience that when things go smoothly it’s ‘Meant to Be!’! If we were hitting walls and running into big snags I would feel quite nervous about trying to make a square peg fit into a round space! No big , insurmountable issues have arisen which to me, is ‘Lucky’! Is it ‘Lucky’? Or is it a result of intentional , strategic, smart planning, along with a combination of good ol’ hard work? Ya! I’m goin’ with that! 😜. Maybe a little bit of good ‘Luck’ too!


Progress Report …



Time is marching on and we are getting closer and closer to our goal of starting the next chapter in our life. There is still much to do before we’re able to jump on that plane headed for Panama city to begin our adventure. Our main focus this far has been completing the work on our house so we can get it on the market to sell. This part of our preparation is the biggest and obviously most time consuming part of the diabolical plan. We are still hoping to reach our goal of getting the house ready to sell by February or March at the latest. Scott is making great progress on all the finish work inside the house.

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Sorting, Packing and Clearing!



This is our storage space,

(Ok, let’s try this again, I inadvertently published this last night before it was completed! I know… A rookie mistake! )
Sort through the attic , check! Sort through the basement, check! Sort through all the stashed stuff in all the closets, check! Now there are piles! Piles in two bedrooms, piles on the pool table,and piles on the dining room table! Yikes! Turns out, sorting is painful, OUCH! In the course of a lifetime we accumulate, and accumulate until every nook and cranny is bursting with stuff!

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Bubble Wrap, Boxes, Packing Tape and Storage Spaces!



Today we began shopping around for packing materials in preparation for packing up our belongings. We found the best pricing through Uline. Of course the best pricing is for buying in bulk, not a problem. We ordered all the necessary packing supplies, bubble wrap, packing tape(54 rolls!), packing paper,about 140 various sized boxes just to get us started. This all came to a whopping $1,100.00! Yikes! All these goodies have been shipped to our home and should arrive tomorrow!(11/6/12).

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Getting Our Ducks In A Row 🐤🐤🐤🐤



We’re continually revisiting all those little ducks and trying to get them in a nice straight line! I think we have a pretty good handle on it but there never seems to be an end to the process of juggling and rearranging duckies !

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