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A “Quick” Thought…..I know what your probably thinking, “Thank God !”, Cuz’ I’m usually sooo long winded with my posts!



As we’ve been working so hard to ready our house to sell and to move our lives to a foreign land we have to stop and remind ourselves to remain balanced. With this in mind, we decided to pack up our trusty kayak and head to the hills! Lake Tahoe , that is!! I’ll be working tues-thurs and on Friday off we’ll go to paddle our hearts out and take in the beauty of the pine trees, the mountains and that glorious lake.

While we were enjoying the sights of 17 Mile Drive in Carmel yesterday, it made me realize that we will soon be discovering different types of beautiful scenery . So let’s soak up all our favorites and get set to say “Adios” to the beauty around us and “Hola!” to what waits to be discovered! Who knows what exciting adventures await our trusty kayak in Panama!

How’s that for a quick thought? 😁