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A Surprise Day Of Relaxing…


We’ve been living in our new casita since January 8th. We actually began working up here February of 2014. The first project that Scott tackled was to build retaining walls and drains. With the crazy rains that we get here we realized that the first thing we needed to address was drainage and so that was the very first step in our project. So here we are, a year into our project and boy, when I look around at all the work that’s been done up here It is really quite remarkable. In only a year we’ve already put in most of the infrastructure, water, gas, electricity is nearly done, built two structures and are starting the final one, the main house. Read the rest of this entry


Here We Go Again…Border Crossing Time!


Yet another border run for us…

Yes, it’s that time again! It’s amazing how fast 90 days flies by when your havin’ fun. Last time we did the border crossing at the Rio Sereno border which I really liked. Sadly, that border is not quite so easy to do a quick, one night run. It would require having a bit more time than we have at the moment. Given the fact that Scott is a full fledged ”
jefe” right now with four full time employees depending on him, we need to make this next border run a fast one. So It’s back to Paso Canoas, darn it! The good thing is that this time we know what we’re doing and already know where to stay,(Hotel Canarias), where to park our car and hopefully there wont be any new surprises. You just never really know what new and totally random requirement they may decide to throw in the mix. Our plan this time is to leave Boquete after Scott finishes working for the day on Saturday. He usually works until 4:00 but he’s planning to call it a day at around 1:00 so we can get outta town on the early side. Then, if all goes well, we will get up bright and early, and go back to the border to check back into Panama when the border opens up first thing. My fingers are crossed that it goes smoothly, let’s hope I don’t’ fall down again! (eye roll!) I’m just kidding!

(The next Day) Well, here I sit, comfortably ensconced in our hotel at the Frontera. We’ve checked out of Panama and stamped into Costa Rica and now we are happily chillin’ in the hotel for the night. Scott’s watching TV while I play on my ipad. We’re officially in no mans land here at the Frontera. The border area is a very popular place where the local Panamanians enjoy shopping. There are all sorts of stores and malls here. We haven’t done a lot of exploring because its just so darn hot! Whew! I know we’re total whimps! So after we got ourselves checked into our hotel and parked our car in their private lot we left our things in the room and set off on foot to get those stamps in our Passports. Easy breezy when you know what to do and where to go. Last time we were here it was a much different feeling, not knowing what to do or where to go was a little disorienting. This time, we’re ahem’ ‘seasoned’ border runners! 🙂 No need to be nervous, we just marched right up to the window got our stamp and went our merry way. I’m hoping the worst part of this particular border run will be stepping in a huge hunk of bubble gum which somehow jumped onto my ankle and unbelievably wrapped itself completely around my ankle!!! Geesh!! (Looking up to the sky and wondering…why meeee??LOL!)

Last time we did this we were hoping it would be out last time….well, here’s to hoping ‘this’ is the last time we have to do this. Maybe in the next 90 days we’ll have succeeded in the completion of the ‘never ending’ collecting of all the required documents for our permanent visa. For now, we’ll just enjoy our wine and our cheese and crackers that we brought for our ‘Hotel Picknic”! In the morning we’ll walk back to the Costa Rica border and check out then check back into Panama then we’re home sweet home!! Back to Boquete and the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival!! Cant wait to sit it the fresh, cool Boquete air and listen to some good music, who knows maybe even get a little booty shakin’ in??? It could happen!! 🙂

Having Some Down Time, Finally…



Today is our very first day of total and complete down time! I woke up late and proceeded to just just laze around all day long. The weather today was pretty dreary looking outside so it was conducive to a “do nothing” kind of mindset. And I do believe we have both been luxuriating in the ability to do nothing and feel no guilt for it. Holy crap! It’s a strange feeling to not get anything done and not feel like I’m putting something off. No house to clean, no yard work to get to, no mail to check, not even any bills to pay, no salon banking to do, no retail to price and shelves to stock, no salon supplies to buy at Costco, no oil to change in the car, no messages to return, whew! It’s not easy to adapt to such a low maintenance lifestyle ,but I’m working on it.

As I am sitting in our little studio rental looking out the window at the beautiful view of the trees and the mountains all around me ,I just have to smile. The cacophony of birdsong is amazing and the roosters in the distance (the distance being the key word! ) is blissful to my ears. I hear no sirens no traffic, no loud jets flying above. All the sounds that I hear are sounds that I love. Hey!! Wait a minute! ( tires screeching to a halt!) Am I a poet?? I am feeling rather inspired at the moment but Geesh, Ive never been a poet before! Look what’s happening to me! Soaking up this clean mountain air and taking in the sights of all that nature has to offer is really giving me a calm , grateful perspective . Sorry if I’m sounding sappy but, ya know, I gotta be me.

I know as we get more settled we will, naturally, begin to accumulate more ‘real life’ responsibilities , but right now is a brief gap before all that sets in. We will eventually have a home to maintain and a car and a bank account and bills to pay. So today, as we soak up the much deserved and much needed down time I feel grateful for this moment. Each moment has it’s bliss. Even being blessed enough to have a home to care for and all the other responsibilities are things I will be grateful for when they are again a part of my life. I’m just enjoying the moment, right now. It’s a beautiful thing to embrace each moment when we are in it and not just when we look back at it. Instead of wishing I were in a different time and place, as I was guilty of doing for what felt like an eternity , while preparing for this move, I actually feel great peace in this moment and in this place. When I know I am where I should be I can feel peace in my heart. And right now, in this moment I am where I belong. This Adventurer is enjoying a bit of Smoooooth sailin’ , can you see my big smile? Cheers!


A very ‘chill’ day for us…



Today we had several things we accomplished but the most important things we did was spending time with important people. We began the day with a yummy breakfast with Scott’s mom, Pat. It’s always a good day when we start it with her ( and with cinnamon brioche french toast!). After breakfast we came back to the house and then my friend Cindy came to get me and we went on a mission. I have these beautiful hanging moss baskets that I just love. I had replanted them so they are bursting with color and they were a beautiful accent in our yard for all the open houses. I really want to take them with me to Panama so that I can someday use them in my new yard, but I would have to pull out all the plants and throw them away, Nooooo! My friend loves them so I suggested that if she wants, I will let her take them and she can just purchase new , empty ones for me to take. Great Idea, right? She thought so to. So our mission was to go to the nursery to try to find the same ones. They are 24 inches and they are made from pretty heavy duty black metal, not the wimpy ones with the chain that gets all tangled. Our mission failed but we did find one place that said they could special order them for us. Given the fact that we will be back to California at the end of this year to see to the packing of our shipping container, there’s no hurry. It will be a great excuse,(not that I need an excuse!) to visit with Cindy when I’m back in town. But we did enjoy looking at plants and smelling roses and we even saw a beautiful display of a huge amount of different varieties of Fuchsia plants. I think it was a smashing success of a shopping trip cuz’ it was time well spent with someone I adore.

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