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Selling The Salon…



She’s gonna kill me, this picture of Stephanie from my Hollyween party is the only one I could find! As you can see , she is extremely talented! My good friend Stephanie James has decided to buy the salon from me. She’s been a stylist in town for at least as long as myself and used to work at the salon next door. For almost as long as I’ve known her she has aspired to have her own salon. I know she has looked high and low for a location but has not ever had any luck. She told me that she always wished she could work in my salon but the opportunity just never arose . When the situation changed here I immediately thought of Stephanie but I thought she was already involved in a partnership at the salon she is currently working in. I sent her a text just to let her know that the situation had changed and she told me she had not officially made that commitment and was re-thinking her decision. My timing was perfect! She and I got together to chat about my thoughts and plans about the salon. We then set up a time to meet at the salon one evening when no one was working and she brought her husband , Kevin, along to check it out . That night we four decided to grab dinner together and just talk while sharing a glass of wine. It was so great to hear her talk about how much she loves my salon and has always wished she could work there. It feels so right to hear her enthusiasm about taking over and making it her own. I’m sure she has ideas of ways she can tweak the decor to make it reflect her without totally changing the unique design . Natalie and Elisabeth are also thrilled to have Stephanie join them here. I know the three of them will be a great combination and although it will be different with a new person I have a good feeling that she’s a great fit here. She is very excited and that just makes me smile! Stephanie and I have both had meetings with the landlord and he is very supportive and is agreeable having Stephanie take over the lease of the building. I have only to submit notice of my intention to discontinue my lease then the two of them can establish the new terms between themselves. This is the last big hurdle concerning the salon and then it should be smooth sailing . Whew! This is a hard one!


It’s A Dilemma!



Copper and Midnight patiently waiting to be let in the house.

I’ve told you about our cats, Midnight & Copper. They are litter mates. We got them when they were just a few weeks old. One of my clients came into my salon asking if I knew of anyone who might want a kitten. A stray cat had somehow gotten under her house and gave birth to a slew of kittens! That was nearly thirteen years ago. They are beautiful long haired , part Maine Coon cats. I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘cat person’, but apparently somehow I morphed into one! I grew up with dogs and have always loved dogs, but I must admit I love my two cats. They kinda grew on me. I know I can speak for Scott when I say that he too has developed a deep fondness for the little fur balls!

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Poor Kitty’s !🐱🐱



We have the honor of sharing our home with two Cats. Their names are Midnight and Copper. The way I remember how old they are is by remembering what year I ‘got’ Scott! I ‘got’ that wonderful man in 2000 💘, ( that was a great year!!!). I got my cats soon thereafter , so that means they are about 13 years old.

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