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Keeping In Touch…


Yesterday (Saturday) while I spent the day at home with my sick husband, I got to spend time socializing with some of my family back in California. I just love modern technology! Natalie likes to use Skype and Mariah and Elisabeth use FaceTime on their iPhones. My daughter, Mariah and her roommates were having a housewarming party and I was invited to attend via FaceTime! She was so excited to show me how much work she and her roommates put into the preparations for their party. The decorations, the food, the SANGRIA, and the yard with all the tables and chairs . She was right, I was proud of her and her friends. It was so fun to feel like I was there. And to be introduced to so many of her friends, “This is my MOM, she lives in Panama!” Adorable! My daughter, that is. She sounded so proud of her old mom. Her friends thought it was pretty cool that I was there with them via FaceTime, from Panama . Now, had I ‘actually’ been there,( I mean, ‘Been There, Been There’), It would probably not have been quite so ‘cool’. LOL! Again, I just love modern Technology.

Mariah and Elisabeth are good friends and so Elisabeth went to the housewarming party. After being walked around the party with Mariah and getting introduced to lot’s of her friends, she and I got a chance to catch up a bit . I hadn’t talked with her for about a week or so and It was good to hear how things are going for her. I told her to go enjoy her party and I would talk with her later. When Elisabeth got to the party they called me again and I got a chance to catch up with her for a while. It’s the first time I’ve gotten to talk with Elisabeth since I left. I really miss her. For those of you who don’t know, Elisabeth is a very talented hairstylist who worked with me in my salon. I sent the majority of my clients to her after I retired and as I already knew, they are in good hands. It was great to spend a little time with her and to hear about how my clients are doing. She’s working really hard and feeling great about all the new people who she’s getting to know. It sounds like the transition is working out good for everyone and that makes me so happy.

After catching up with Mariah and Elisabeth I got to Skype with Natalie. She is in the process of remodeling her kitchen. It was fun to see all the work in progress and to hear how happy she is with all her new tile and appliances. She agonized over this remodel and how to do it, what she wanted it to look like , and all the things everyone agonizes over when demolishing a part of your home in the process of a remodel. I could hear the pleasure in her voice, she’s really pleased with her design choices and with the contractor who she hired to do the work. I’m so glad for her, it looks amazing! We also chatted a bit about the salon and she told me how different it is there now. The new owner, Stephanie is in the process of completely remodeling the place. It’s quite sad to think about how easily something you create and have felt proud of for so many years can just be gone forever . I know my decision to change my life has changed my co-workers lives as well as all the many clients and friends who have enjoyed visiting the salon all these years. Everyone seems to be adjusting to the change, some happily and others not so much. One nice thing is that Elisabeth and Natalie sound as if they have grown quite close and are enjoying working together and supporting each other through their mutual struggle to adapt to all the changes they are experiencing. When you have spent so much of your time , (every single day,for so many years) practically living in a space such as that little salon, it’s very much like your home. I know they were also very attached to it and are doing their best to remain optimistic with what is going on around them. So much change, especially change that you did not choose and have no control over, has got to be difficult , and those two are managing to embrace it all with such a positive outlook . Hopefully their work environment will be back in order soon and they can feel proud of where they work again and enjoy the new, updated aspects that Stephanie and her husband are working hard to install.

I’m really glad I have the ability to keep in touch with everyone back in California . FaceTime is just like being there! This weekend I got to spend time with not only Mariah , Elisabeth and Natalie, but my mother and Scotts mom as well. It’s been almost a month that we’ve been here and now that the hurry and scurry of making an international move is settling in, I am really beginning to feel the ‘pangs’ of missing those I love. I think this weekend , just relaxing and staying in is the first real ‘Down’ time I’ve had in a really long time. It’s a comfort to see everyone and to have the ability to stay connected. I’m happy to report that Scott is on the mend and cooking up our breakfast as I’m typing! Not only are our friends and family having a period of adjustment but apparently our internal organs have a bit of adjusting to deal with as well. I’ve learned from our good friends who have lived here for many years and are seasoned expats, that it’s not uncommon to have occasional tummy issues. The solution to this issue comes in the form of two little pills that we need to take every four months. I took a dash down to our local pharmacy and managed to acquire these magic, gringo tummy pills right away. Good to know!! Let’s hope we got a handle on this little issue!

As another week begins I’m feeling recharged from the restful weekend and ready to face the next week of Spanish lessons. I got so much encouragement from so many people! I’m not gonna be too hard on myself and I know Im not in any hurry! It takes a very long time to learn a new language and I am reminded that, ” Poco a Poco”, and I’ll get it! 😄 Cheers!


Retirement Fun…What???



We were invited to an event to remember today, our 5Th day in Boquete! Our new friends who shall not be named, as I will protect the names of the innocent in this case. (Hey, it’s a small town and they have a reputation to maintain! ) Anyways, when they met us they new they had met just the right couple to include in this inaugural Boquete Panama event! What an honor and a privilege to have gotten front row seats to ….. drum roll please……. CHICKEN SHIT BINGO!!! Yes, you read correctly! These unsuspecting Gringos were not disappointed ! And I must admit, fun was had by all, but we all agreed, one round of Chicken Shit Bingo would last us a lifetime. This sport is not for the faint of heart, the suspense was nearly unbearable as the crowd around the giant bingo board cheered for “Big Boy” (The chicken) as he was very lovingly placed in the pen that was the Bingo board. The object of this game is to root for said, “Big Boy” to shit on the number that you paid $2.00 for and randomly drew from Nanette’s cowboy hat. I know, it’s a complicated game but nothing 2 or three Margarita’s can’t help turn into a night to remember. If nothing else, this particular Bingo game was good for a lot of laughter and a good lesson in how long it takes a Chicken to shit, take it from us, it’s not instant gratification! One must possess , aside from a strong drink in your hand, a sense of humor and a willingness to cheer for a nice big shit!

This event was held at a local hang out called One Eyed Franks. We sat outside and had a great dinner of ribs and cole slaw and chicken parmesan sliders . There was a band playing inside and they had a pretty good turn out. I would go back for the food but maybe one round of this Bingo game is all we can take. We did get to meet a lot of really friendly people and felt welcome. Scott of course was happy to have a beer in his hand and to watch the proceedings from afar, opting to let me root for his number down by the shitting chicken. That guy, he’s so generous, letting me have all the fun!

We had our friends drop us off at Romero’s (the grocery store) instead of taking us back to our Inn. We needed to get a few things for dinner and breakfast in the morning, I also needed to pick up some cat litter (since I had shit on my mind!) . After we got what we needed we went out and hailed a taxi to take us back up the hill to our Inn. On a side note, we have been walking into town just about every day to get some exercise and last night when our friends drove us home from dinner we clocked it to see how far it was and it’s just a little over two miles, not bad. We will know we are getting in shape when we can walk back up too.

Tomorrow we’re having lunch at the Fish House in town with another Virtual friend from the blogging world. It’s so nice to finally meet these people who I’ve been corresponding with for so long . We also plan to follow up on a lead we got on a possible long term rental . We first have to go load some minutes on Scott’s newly unlocked and fresh Panamanian sim card phone. Then on Tuesday evening we were invited to a friends house for a fish dinner, : ) This Adventure is going just fine so far! Lots of fun and relaxation mixed with good people! (we could probably do without the Chicken shit but whose complaining, not me!!!) Cheers!!








I Have Wayyy Too Many Clothes!



Sooooo I decided to go shopping! Hah! What’s a girl to do??? It seems as though the clothes I wear in my life here are not quite what I envision wearing when I live in Panama. The clothes I wear to work tend to be a bit more trendy and dare I say, fancy? I know…. I’m not the fanciest girl in town , but fancy as far as Panama standards go. I think I’m probably on the less fancy, more casual side in terms of Los Altos standards, of this I am pretty sure. We have spent a bit of time in Boquete and I think I’ll be wearing mostly jeans and sweats and capri pants maybe a sundress every once in awhile, but I’m not certain ,or shall I say, I can’t decide exactly what I should bring!I do know that up in the mountains it’s not nearly as hot and humid as it is down in David, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing a lot of shorts, except of course when I go to David. I have already gotten rid of quite a bit of clothes and I’ve even already packed a bunch of stuff that is sitting in the storage unit . I still have 23 days to work! (whoop! whoop!), so I have to keep a selection of “work clothes” out and I have separated a selection of things I want to take but don’t need now and can live without in Panama until they arrive in the container. The important selection of clothes is the clothes I want to fit into those four suitcases we can bring with us on the plane (sadly, I have to share some of those bags with the dumb cats and that silly man who’s coming with me!) . These are all the clothes that I will have with me in Boquete at least until the container arrives in possibly November or December. Mind you. I’m betting that when the container arrives I’ll most likely open all those boxes of clothes and wonder what the heck I was thinking! I’m hoping I will be happy with the smaller amount of clothes that I bring with me and then I can hopefully find a place to donate the excess. I just really hope to be living a much more casual life . That being said, I somehow still find myself agonizing about ‘what’ to bring! I don’t really know what my day to day life will look like, I hope we will eventually get to do a bit of traveling in and around Panama . This will call for some much cooler, lighter weight cloting. I’m hoping this post will prompt my friends who already live there to give me a bit of advice? What do you where most of the time? Sweats? Jeans? Capri’s? Shorts? Long Sleeves? Layers? Tank Tops? Huh? And don’t forget shoes? Sandals, Teva’s, rainboots, tennis shoes? I’m thinking a pair of flip-flops, a pair of Teva’s, a pair of rain boots and a pair of tennis shoes. If I go out at night to dinner or to someones house, are my flip flops gonna offend anyone? Of course Scott will not be seen without his Teva’s that’s a given, but he just doesn’t have that gene that makes him wonder what people think or if he looks ok! I aspire to someday be more like him in that respect! I’m workin’ on it! (Eye Role!)

Yesterday we went to have a consultation with an attorney to get a trust started. I had a very exciting ‘milestone’ moment, while filling out the paperwork I got to put “RETIRED” in the box that said vocation! Wow! It felt so foreign to refer to myself in such a way. RETIRED? REALLY? Well, 23 more days, but who’s counting? This move is a big one! So much is changing in my life and honestly, my wardrobe is the least of it but it’s a great distraction from some of the bigger changes. For now I’m kinda thrilled to begin to redefine myself beginning with the style of clothes I will be wearing. It’s an exciting transition and one that I am not takin lightly. But really folks,what’s a girl to wear for her life of leisure? Given the fact that the fashion police will probably not care , I’m pretty sure my new sweats and jeans will suffice for my new life in Boquete . Mostly, Scott is just hoping I can fit everything I need into the allotted four bags we can bring without incurring large fee’s for excess baggage. I know It wont be a problem but I just want to bring the right things.

Getting Our Ducks In A Row 🐤🐤🐤🐤



We’re continually revisiting all those little ducks and trying to get them in a nice straight line! I think we have a pretty good handle on it but there never seems to be an end to the process of juggling and rearranging duckies !

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