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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day!



Natalie and Pat and Mariah joined us

It was a beautiful warm sunny thanksgiving day and as usual Scott and I spent most of the day happily preparing a delicious meal to share. This year my house was just too cluttered with boxes, tools, and just a general explosion of messiness to invite many people over so we kept it simple.

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“Will You Tell Us About What’s Not So Good?”


This week a good friend asked me a very good question, ” Will you be honest and write about things you don’t like when your living in Panama?”. My answer was,”Yes!”. I don’t expect to like ‘everything’ about living in another country. As a matter of fact I expect there will be many things I miss about living in the states and many things I don’t like about living in Panama. Truth be told, there are also many things I don’t like about living in the states. That being said, I’m not leaving the states to run away from anything in particular , that to me, would be foolish. I think no matter where you live there are aspects of life that are less than perfect. Who ever said life was meant to be perfect anyways? I don’t know, but I for one, am not in search of paradise.

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Life is Good!🌴


Life is good! Now it’s time for a change. A BIG one! (change, that is ). We have spent the past five years researching our dream of moving to a different country and now we are getting closer to actually making that dream a reality. As our adventure is fast approaching I have been thinking that I would love to share our process with all our friends and family.

I have recently discovered Blogging! I know, I’m very late to the game! But I have been very busy making people beautiful, and it’s a lot of work! Lol! So, turns out, reading blogs is REALLY fun. I have learned so much from reading blogs written by other people who have already made the leap and moved from the US.

My hope is that my friends and family will appreciate following my blog as an entertaining way to stay connected. I hope you will forgive my spelling errors and grammatical faux paise ! A writer I am not nor do I claim to be😁. But I do love to write and to share my experiences . Hopefully you will find my ramblings entertaining !