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And Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…



I’ve been working on getting a bank account established here. This has been my next big project. As I’ve told you before, they make you jump through hoops to open an account. I wonder how hard they make it in the states to open an account if you aren’t a citizen? Hmmm? So I went into Scotiabank (on the advice of both our attorney and our realtor) to give Ana all the documents she requested, Two years tax returns, copies of passports and U.S. drivers license, copy of utility bill for the house we rent, copy of rental agreement, a letter of recommendation from my bank in the states just stated that we have been customers in good standing for at least two years, a letter from my attorney here in Boquete vouching for our intention to settle here in Panama, and a copy of the deed to the land we purchased…whew! I also had to fill out an application that included three panamanian references, which was pretty funny because the bank manager who I was dealing with, Ana, happened to know personally all the people who we know. Funny, it’s a small town. This was helpful because she knew how to spell their names and what their addresses were, ha! And she saw where we currently live and it turns out she’s my neighbor as well! The final thing the bank needed was to contact the bank manager in California to confirm her letter of recommendation. So I email Susan at my bank in Los Altos to give her a heads-up that she would be receiving a correspondence from Panama, hoping to make it go as smooth as possible. Good thing I did that because they contacted her via email immediately yesterday and she forwarded me her response. Looks like we should be good to go, I hope! I’ll go down to the bank on Monday and see if there’s any other information they need, but I feel pretty organized. Read the rest of this entry


Commercialism is everywhere…


Feliz Navidad?? in Septmember! Geesh! I wasn’t expecting this here in Panama. That goes to show ya, commercialism isn’t only in the U.S., noooooo it’s just a fact of life everywhere. And here they skip right over Halloween too! Man! It seemed like every year the department stores in the States began to promote the excessive consumption of all things Christmas earlier and earlier every year . But I saw things in the little Tienda’s here in Boquete as early as August. Yesterday, while we were in David for Scott’s Dr. appt we needed to pick up a few things at Conway (this is Panama’s version of Target) and when we got off the escalator upstairs in the housewares department I was shocked to see CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE! Holy crap! What happened to Halloween? Oh well, celebrations are great and I will be needing to re-stock my christmas decoration stash so I’ll be excessively consuming right along with the best of em’! LOL! (Scott says,”NOOOO!”)