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Another Move… Across the Hall.



Well, a successful move across the hall has been accomplished. To the horror of the cat’s , who were getting pretty comfy in the studio apartment, we now have an actual bedroom and , yes folks, a full fledged DRESSER! AHHH! We are officially unpacked and sittin’ pretty here in our nice little one bedroom apartment. The thing I just love about this apartment is the windows. There’s a whole wall of windows in the living room and two big ones in the bedroom. The view is so beautiful, I just cant wait till there’s a nice thunder and lightening storm. I can sit on the sofa and just gaze at the sky and enjoy the view . We even have a much bigger refrigerator , not an actual full sized refrigerator, but not a counter height one which is much better.

Today is a very relaxing day, aside from moving, we aren’t getting much else accomplished. Although, I happened to think that relaxing is very important. Tomorrow is the first day of our Spanish school so It’s good to take advantage of a bit of down time.

About an hour or so later…
I just had a little FaceTime with my friend Cindy and Skype with Natalie. I am a big fan of keeping in touch with my friends this way. It’s so nice to be able to catch up and chat with people back home. I’ve also discovered the chat feature on Facebook, and it’s a good thing as well. I got to have some great chat time with a couple of really good friends who I miss terribly, Rhonda and Sandy! There are so many different ways to correspond with everyone back home. Natalie was sitting on the beach in Carmel …. It was a beautiful sunny, blue sky day. Cindy took me for a walk around her beautiful backyard and showed me her huge hydrangea. Yes, technology makes it easy to stay connected from here.

The next morning…
Ahhhh. It’s a beautiful morning, again, here in the highlands of Boquete! Can you see the smile on my face as I’m writing this? We had a good nights sleep in our new apartment, in spite of the “king” sized bed that is actually two twin beds pushed together! UGG! The proprietors here at the inn keep pigeons and they are kept in these big cages outside our bedroom window. The cat’s are mesmerized by this set-up. They also have a pet parrot who apparently hates the rain! He screamed during the entire time that it rained yesterday, not a happy parrot. The funny thing is , he has a covered section in his little caged in home but was choosing to stand in the pouring rain, yelling his little head off! Could he be singing in the rain and it just sounds like screaming? It’s possible. Anyways , the cat’s are quite entertained by the pigeons and I think it will be prudent to close the windows when we leave the apartment or we may come home to two “cat shaped” holes in the screens.

As I wrote up above, yesterday, Today is our first day of Spanish class! Oh Boy! I’m both scared and excited. I’m scared because It’ss been a really long time since I’ve been in a classroom setting and I’m hoping this brain of mine is still capable of learning!! And I’m super excited because I love to talk to people and get to know them and this language barrier is really cramping my style!! I just can’t wait to have the ability to talk with whom ever I like! So I think the excitement and anticipation of being able to speak another language is the overriding emotion so I’m ready to tackle this! Like most of the new things I’ve found myself diving into, I’ll just dive on in with a positive attitude and enjoy the process of learning something new. It’s all part of the Adventure, right? Yep! I’ll keep you posted on our progress, one thing I’m certain about…Me and Scott won’t be in the same class, at the same level for long! That darn guy learns sooooo fast, I’m sure he’ll be in the next level before I know it! That’s ok though, we all just learn at a different pace and my pace just happens to need to be repeated , and repeated and repeated! I’m prepared to be in the moment and continue to remember to embrace that “Tranquillo” mindset in this situation and to “Breathe”. Oh and most importantly, I’m planning to enjoy the process! I’ll be meeting many new people and making new friends along the way, this is something to really look forward to. Sooooo Let’s get this part of the Adventure started!!







A Place To Call Home…For Now (Noooo Not The Toilet!)



We have been searching for a place to call home. A house or nice sized apartment where we can have the cats and where we can unpack for awhile. There have been a few houses and a couple condos that we have looked at but nothing really jumped out at us or really fit the bill. There was Casa Bavaria, a house owned by a German man,( Yes Chris, there are Germans Here! ) he built this German style house for his mother(you would love it!) twenty years ago and she recently passed away so now he is renting it out. It was a lovely house, great layout, plenty of space with lovely bavarian style antiques and a lovely covered veranda (perfect spot for reading or blogging). There were a couple of problems, first , no screens on any of the windows, Yikes! We would have two escaped cats with no screens or we would be cooped up with no fresh air, no thank you. If that wasn’t enough of a deal breaker, It was right behind a popular Gringo bar/restaurant called Amigo’s, they often have live music and I’m told it can get pretty loud, nope not gonna work for us. Plus it was a bit out of our budget by the time you get nickeled and dimed with maid, gardener and utilities. Then we saw two condos right in town, just on the side street from the Mandarin Market. Now this is not gonna be a very quiet place to live, right off the main drag. Nice to be able to walk to everything but those peaceful birds and the beautiful views we have here would be a thing of the past. And the worst thing about the condo was kinda funny, (if you know Scott) It only had a hot-plate to cook on in the kitchen. Phffff! I hate to be snooty, and we aren’t planning on throwing any big dinner parties or anything but , come on…. I know, we aren’t in Kansas anymore! LOL! There have been a couple of other leads that we were planning to check out but then today we had a bright idea. We decided to go downstairs to the office here at Villa Marita and just see about the “Family Unit” they have for rent here. It is a two bedroom place that is a great size and the price is not bad but sadly, again no screens and it wasn’t available for long term. But WAit! there is a one bedroom unit right next to the studio one we are currently staying in! And guess what! It’s really nice and it’s available most of the next year, starting next Sunday, with the acceptation of three nights in August. It has a much larger kitchen with a microwave and a regular sized refrigerator. Also SCREENS! Whoot! Whoot! Lot’s of big windows to gaze out onto all those lovely trees! Yes, we think it’ll do just fine, it’s also within our budget and we already love this area. So we arranged to rent it until December. They have laundry facilities that we can use, it’s ever so peaceful here and we love the walk into town, although we will very likely be buying a car in the next week or so, If the Car salesmen will ever answer our email! We were looking to rent something with two bedrooms so that when people come visit we will have a place for them to stay but Villa Marita has lovely little cottages and rooms where we can easily house our guests. We have already arranged to possibly rent a room with our friends at their B & B in Volcancito for the three nights in August when our little apartment was already booked. By George, I think we’ve got it! (at least for the time being)

Finding a place where we could feel somewhat settled was something that has been on the very top of our list of priorities so it feels good to have at least a temporary solution. I’m sure if something even better comes up we can change our arrangement here, they are very accommodating. Now, if we can just get Oscar, the car salesman to sell us a car, we’ll be set. It really cracks me up how completely different they do things here. But as I’ve said before, we are in no particular hurry. As a matter of fact, today is day two of luxuriating in our free time. Scott has been soaking up his “nap-time”, that guy does love his naps! 🙂 I think tomorrow, we will get going early and do our walk into town, have breakfast and take a bus into David again to see if we can Beg the Toyota dealership to take our money! Ha!Ha! Well, no pressure, that’s for sure!

Friday is Scott’s birthday so I’m trying to encourage him to set up a T-time at the golf course so he can have some fun. I don’t get the feeling he’s too worried about arranging something “fun” cuz’ he’s just so happy to just be here. Maybe we will find a nice place to enjoy a dinner out? Who Knows. I gotta tell you, right now, our tranquil spot is being enhanced ( I wont say ruined, don’t wanna be negative) by, of all things, drumming! Yep, it’s a curious thing, the kids here love , love, love drumming! It’s funny because it seems to be the exact same beat over and over and over and over and over. And it might be my imagination but it seems as though all the dogs and birds are singing along so that it is a crazy mix of boom boom boom, ruff, ruff, ruff, tweet, tweet, tweet, boom, boom ,boom! You get the idea. I’m sure I’ll learn about what the drumming is about, today is Sunday so could it have something to do with church? I dunno. But I may have to get myself some drumsticks and join in soon!! Ya Never know, I just might be a natural! Never say Never right !!!! Cheers!






Day Two In Boquete…



This Is a picture of Me and Andrea! She’s sooo nice, we will get along just fine!

Don’t worry , I don’t plan to tell you about every single day of my life but this very new time , I’m excited to tell you about my experiences so bare with me ….

Today (Friday) we had a very relaxing, slow start to our day. We had a leisurely breakfast, our first time cooking in our little kitchen here at Villa Marita. Scott made scrambled eggs with bacon mixed in with cheese accompanied by yummy seasoned potatoes. I went down to the main area downstairs and got some coffee and Voila! Breakfast was served!! Yummy! Then we needed to give our sweet little cats a much needed bath. They were so stinky from being stuck in those cages for so long. Scott very kindly did the bathing in the shower ( Not the fun part but he managed to survive with no major injuries!) and I had the much easier job of towel drying them off after they were sparkly clean. Now they smell much better which is a good thing, given the fact that Copper has taken to burrowing down under the sheets in our bed to escape the very unfamiliar noises and smells of his new home.

About 12:30-1:00,we decided it was time to scoot out of here. We did our walk into town ( we plan to do this as often as possible for exercise, but only “into” town, back to the inn would be “up” hill so we cab it back!) We made our way back to Baru to have lunch, we heard that the chef from La Posada had moved to Baru and that the Pizza there was good, so we needed to try it. BY THE WAY, it was far superior to the Pizza we had at La Posada! But of course, not as good as Scott’s Pizza, Sigh! it’s gonna be awhile before he can do Pizza again!

After our lunch we made our way to the cell phone store. Yesterday we left Scott’s cell phone so that they could unlock it to enable them to install the SIM card that will make it usable here. Apparently, we are experiencing our first “Mañana” experience! We went back today and of course, the phone was not there. The employee who we dealt with yesterday ( the only guy there) had to call his english speaking boss( we’re assuming it was his boss, who knows, could be his mom?) to tell Scott over his phone that the phone is in David with his brother who is trying to get it Unlocked with At&T. OKay…… So he said,”Mañana!” LOL! We are onto him! We may be green gringos but we are aware that Mañana doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow ! But we will return mañana with the hopes that the phone has miraculously returned from its journey to David! We have faith that it will all work out in the end!

We then made our way to visit with my “Virtual” friend , Andrea. We hailed a taxi and gave him directions to her house,( Volcancito rd, 3.6 KM , just before El Estancia , on the left). No problem! It was so great to finally meet her! We’ve been corresponding for quite awhile and were both happy to get together in person. Andrea and her husband Don, moved here to Boquete in 2011,( I think that’s right). After her parents retired here several years prior. She says that after her parents moved here she began visiting and then she and Don fell in love with the area, sold their home and all their possessions and brought the dog and two cats. Now they have a very peaceful , happy life together here. Their home is very inviting, the view is spectacular ! They have a lovely view of Volcano Baru, although the clouds were covering it today it was easy to see how amazing it usually is! They also run a small B & B which seems to work great for them. Andrea says she gets to meet many interesting people. As we enjoyed a couple bottles of wine and some munches we had great conversation and got a bit more acquainted . Coincidentally, Andrea and Don have taken the art classes that I have read about and am planning to take myself! It’s a concrete sculpture class and they also offer stained glass classes as well. They made these really cool sconces for their house, and she made a giant cement leaf for her yard, it’s like a little birdbath also two giant broken pots for her yard , Love It! I can tell that Andrea is a kindred spirit! She’s artistic, open to new experiences, has a great sense of humor ,enjoys nature, loves animals and is just plain fun to be around. We will get along just fine.

After calling our taxi from Andrea and Don’s house we asked the driver to make a quick pit-stop at Romero’s (the Grocery store) so Scott could run in real quick and pick up a bottle of wine and a little something to munch on for dinner. We spent the stormy, thundery evening with our terrified little cat’s. All the new sounds and smells are freaking them out, poor guys. It seems that Copper is the one who is the most freaked out. He has decided that under the covers of the bed is where he will live. Poor guy! They’ve never experienced the sounds of a good tropical thunder storm. They have a lot to get used to. Hopefully they will slowly adapt and begin to feel like they are home. I know we are looking forward to finding a more permanent place to call home. The other day Al sent us an email that he has a lead on a house for rent so we hope to check that out sometime. This place is quite nice but definitely not a long term place. Villa Marita isn’t set up for long term stays, for instance there is no place to unpack , no dresser to put clothes so we will be living out of suit cases while we stay here. We do love the location, it’s incredibly picturesque and the walk into town is great exercise for sure! We have no complaints, life is good and we are loving our Adventure! Andrea and Don have two adorable dogs Redford and Ada They also have two cats but I didnt get their picture.