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Day 5…Writing 101


Today’s Prompt: You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible….yeah, right…eye roll! hah!

What’s that? It looks like a white envelope. Right over there, under that tree where the Resplendent Quetzal is peeking out of it’s nest. My what bright, beautiful colors that Quetzal has…strange, it seems to be looking right at me… Read the rest of this entry


Day 1…Writing 101….


I hope this doesn’t bore you too much…I have decided to participate in a writing exercise hosted by Word Press, the hosting site that I use to publish my blog. I Really love writing but I’m not a ‘Writer’, per-say… This post is my first attempt at participating in this four week long writing exercise. Word Press will be emailing a prompt daily for the next four weeks, so please be patient with me as I attempt this daily writing challange. Today is the first of these writing prompts and for the very first one I’m supposed to just write anything at all that comes to mind for twenty minutes! Yikes! So I thought it would be a good way to explain why I may be writing a bit more than I normally do. I’ll try my best to stay within the topic of my blog, but who knows what they may throw at me! Read the rest of this entry

Wow! This is my 500th Post!


I love the beautiful trees!
How did that happen? I started writing this blog March of 2012. This realization prompted me to reminisce about how I got started with this ‘blogging’ thing… I remember when we were in the research process of our big relocation, Scott was our main researcher. He is sooooooo good at searching online and finding all sorts of information. He found reading forums to be one of his favorite means of finding interesting and relevant information. He found many such expat forums online, including “Panama Laws for expats” “Panama expats” “Expats in David” and lots of other forums in other countries we were also, at that time, researching. I was never especially fond of forums because they have a tendency to , at times, be a little argumentative and petty. to put it nicely…Yuck! So I discovered Blogs! And I fell in love with reading these peoples personal stories of expatriating to countless different places around the world. Reading blogs just felt so much more personal which is right up my isle! I just love reading stories about peoples lives and that’s exactly what blogs are. I remember when this online “blogging “ thing first started. I never really understood what it meant to ‘blog’…kinda like public journaling? Huh? Why would anyone want to put all that personal information out there for the whole world to read? Who cares anyways? Hah! Read the rest of this entry

It’s just my life…


I feel like I’m running out of things to write about. When I began writing this blog the subject of making a decision to expatriate and to start a whole new life in another country was a very exciting, new and interesting thing to write about. Now that the flurry that was deciding, preparing and then actually making this move to Panama is done, I’m just living my life. It’s nearly ten months that we’ve been settling into this new life here. We’ve accomplished a lot in those ten months, for sure. After landing in Panama, making our way with our two cats to Boquete and then finding a place to live we had a very specific plan and so far we’ve been pretty successful in making our plan a reality. We wanted to create a life here and to build a home. Not just a physical ‘house’ but a ‘Home’. There are certain components to making a place a ‘home’. There is , of course the physical house where you live your day to day life but there’s also all the people that you connect with, and of course finding some sort meaning to your day to day life. For me, I’m still in that process , of finding out what that means for me….”Meaning” Hmmmmm. I’ve shared our process, the ups and the downs. And as of today, we seem to be just sort of ‘living’ our life.

Read the rest of this entry

I’m Searching For My Blogging ‘Mojo’!



I’m a beginner in this blogging game! I decided to start blogging as an experiment at first but as I’ve gotten such amazing support from so many people I’ve begun to “Really” enjoy it! Another unexpected development that has happened as a result of blogging is connecting with other blogging expats around the world. I have learned so much about the community of expats as well as bloggers, they are all incredibly welcoming and so generous with encouragement ,and information. So since I seem to enjoy it so much and I’m building up a little following, I figure I should try my best to do a good job!

In order to improve my blogging skills, which are very few, I have begun reading books about blogging. Surprisingly, to me, anyways, there are a lot of books written by very successful bloggers about being a better blogger! I’m starting with “Finding Your Blogging Mojo!”, and,” Bloggers Bootcamp”. Right off the bat I learned that I’ve been writing posts that are much too long! Oops! Silly me! I just have so much to say! The advise I have gleamed is that I should try to post shorter posts but more frequently . Ok…… Hmmmmm! I’ll give that a try. Then I just edited my home page on my Blog and I figured out how to create that little feature where you can read a short tag line at the beginning of each post and then click on,” read more of this post”. This apparently creates a much more usable home page. Who knew??? There really is so much to learn and I’m enjoying the process and hopefully improving my blogging mojo or at least I’ll eventually ‘Have’ a blogging mojo! Lol!