Sorting, Packing and Clearing!



This is our storage space,

(Ok, let’s try this again, I inadvertently published this last night before it was completed! I know… A rookie mistake! )
Sort through the attic , check! Sort through the basement, check! Sort through all the stashed stuff in all the closets, check! Now there are piles! Piles in two bedrooms, piles on the pool table,and piles on the dining room table! Yikes! Turns out, sorting is painful, OUCH! In the course of a lifetime we accumulate, and accumulate until every nook and cranny is bursting with stuff!

Man oh man! Its virtually impossible to escape the claws of materialistic accumulation ! Nice things are sooooo ‘nice’! Just today I had a break at work and decided to walk around town and check out one of my favorite shops. I saw the ‘cutest’ clock! When I got back to the salon I found myself telling my friend Natalie all about , “the most adorable clock” I just found! Like I need a clock! Sheesh! I’ve been so programmed to want and want that I rarely stop to think about weather or not I even need that item that I want. Even now as I sort through all my accumulation attempting to decide what to pack up and bring with me to Panama and what to discard, I find myself wondering what I really need.

I’m relieved to see that my ‘get rid of’ pile is much larger than my ‘take with me’ pile. That, to me is a very good thing. We are off to a good start in our march towards a more minimalistic lifestyle . Although… I’m wondering if a ‘minimalist’ should have six or eight martini glasses? And if you were living a life of less and you wanted to make sangria for your friends, would you need one or two pitchers for that? Hmmmm? I’m really trying hard not to overpack for our new life. It’s not an easy task given the fact that I have very little idea what our life will be like in Boquete . Will we entertain ? Or will we be more solitary? For at least the first year we will most likely be renting a furnished house. So all of our belongings will be sitting in storage. We’ll have all that time to acclimate ourselves to living without those things we choose to pack up and ship over in our container. As we are sorting and packing up the things we think we will need in Panama I can’t help but wonder how I’ll feel a year or so from now when we open up all these boxes and rediscover what we thought would be important to us. Will I be relieved to discover all those martini glasses and sangria pitchers? Or will we find humor in how much we have changed in the time since we packed it all up? Stay tuned for the continuation of,”Scott & Holly ,” Living with less and loving life!,” or “Missing all that stuff and mourning our clutter!”. Ha! Ha! Ha! Just kidding! I’m pretty confident we are going to be content with the basic necessities , Scott’s tools, our kayak, my martini glasses and all our camping gear! Life is good as long as we have each other and everything else is just icing on the cake!


A small pile of stuff to pack, a few things are get rid of things.


All of this is get rid of stuff!


And one more pile of get rid of! Yahoo!


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