Horseback Riding in Caldera…



Last week my friend Andrea asked me if I would be interested in going horseback riding with her. Of Course! Who could say no to an invitation to see more of this beautiful area and on horseback to boot! She found a guy in Caldera named Franklin who runs a small horseback riding business on his families property (100 hectares) . Andrea has a fantastic web sight called Boquete Travel Guide She wanted to add his business to her web sight so this was an exploratory trip for us to check it out. And I gotta tell you , we both totally fell for Franklin! He is a very sweet man who is passionate about Panama, nature and his horses. He has about 25 horses and treats them with such love and respect. Andrea and I were both very touched by how much he cares for the animals and his passion for nature is contagious. The property where we rode is owned by his cousin and has been in his family for many many years. When we got to the plateau we all got off our horses and let them have a break while we enjoyed the spectacular view all around us. It really is a beautiful area. Chatting with Franklin we learned that he has a vast knowledge of philosophy and enjoys conversing about any number of topics. If he were a bit younger I was ready to introduce him to my daughter, Darn! Andrea and I both agreed that he must be one of the most sought after bachelors in Boquete, the Panamanian women must be banging down his door! 🙂 As you can see by the pictures, it was a gorgeous day, but I’m beginning to think that “everyday” is a beautiful day here! After our horseback riding adventure we were ready for an ice cold beer and lunch. Andrea had recommended a ‘typico’ restaurant called Melissa’s in Caldera so off we went in search of food! She was right, it was a great lunch. We had Pollo con arroz y sopa, and a beer all for $6.00. This was a great day and I can’t wait to take friends there to see that beautiful view.










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  1. Interesante — Franklin looks very, very much like the picture I saw 3 hours ago of my friend Rosmary’s brother, at their family finca in Caldera. I wonder if it’s the same guy? What a strange coincidence if it is!

  2. Are you sore? Loved the last pic of you taking off like a shot.  Gorgeous country side and great looking horses.Do it again! Nancy


    • Ha!Ha! Nancy! I thought you might appreciate that post! I’m shocked to report that I’m not too sore! It was truly a gorgeous ride, you know where I’ll be taking you someday!! 🙂

  3. Sooooo beautiful. My daughter and I love horseback riding! That’s why, when she was much younger, she wanted to be a dentist. (And still plans to be) She could pick her hours of work and then own a couple of horses for us to go riding. Lol.

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