Summit Zoo and Gamboa


My friend Kris Posted some really great photos of our time in Panama City they other week when I went to pick up my daughter. We really had a great time traveling together and we got the opportunity to explore some areas of the city that we both really loved. Here is her post, I have been having way too much fun with Mariah to have had time to publish anything about it….

The Panama Adventure

Friday was our day to do whatever we wanted while while Emma worked. She fixed us up with a driver for the day and we sure felt spoiled. We had this really nice guy with a comfortable vehicle who knew his way around the city, and he was all ours to drive us around and take care of us. How cool is that!

Emma had mentioned that there was a zoo with a harpy eagle so I thought it might be interesting to check that out. Our driver knew just what we were talking about, and it wasn’t long before we were at the Summit Zoo in the Gamboa area a bit north of the city.

It’s beautiful! I did some reading later and learned that the area is a botanical garden started in 1923 to research how different plants and trees would do in the Panama climate. The first…

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  1. Gracias amiga 🙂 I’m starting to work my way though other photos and stories of our adventures too, so stay tuned. Your job is to have as much fun as possible with Mariah right now!

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