Have you ever had one of “Those” days?


I think we’re having one! This morning started out with me standing at the BBQ with my freshly made batch of home made pancake batter and my griddle ready to go with a little dollop of butter ready to melt. The kettle of water was just about to boil to get that delicious pot of Boquete coffee brewing. I turned the nob of the BBQ to fire up my burners and ….sputter, sputter, sputter went the last little bit of propane! Ugh! Nooooooo! Empty! Pfffft! Not to worry, I know we have a full tank somewhere around here. Scott hears my dilemma and puts on his Teva’s and his headlamp, because it’s still dark outside, and heads up the hill to his workshop. I wonder why the heck the extra tank isn’t here close to the BBQ, but now’s not the time to question his bad planning. Crisis diverted when he gets me hooked up and fires up my grill so I can cook some pancakes and finish boiling the water for that much needed coffee. Ahhhhhhh….let the day begin.

We have a long list of different things going on today. It makes my head spin just thinking about all the different people who may or may not show up at our house. Most important on my mind is the Bombero’s. They showed up the other day to inspect the gas lines. As you know , I haven’t had hot water or the gas oven since we moved in about a month ago. We had been waiting for our architect to get the approval and he’s not especially communicative so we were surprised , well, I should say, “I” was surprised when I was enjoying a little quiet moment in the house alone, late in the day, music blasting , dancing away in the kitchen. As I looked for all the ingredients for our dinner, suddenly my uninhibited dancing was interrupted when, I looked up and saw the architect and the bombero walk up onto the terrace and look at me with embarrassed expressions right outside the kitchen window! Oh! Ooooops! hah! Well, that was kinda embarrassing ! But at least I wasn’t naked! Hahahahaha! So, I ran up to the workshop and got Scott and we had our inspection. They wanted a couple of small, easy changes made and said they would come back, Tuesday, yep, today. But, you know how it goes here, you never really know when people will actually show up!

Which brings me to our crazy day, which, as I’m typing is tumbling out of control….Scott has been trying to finish off the last little details of the little changes the Bomberos wanted to see to the gas line. He just got back from running to the store to buy one last piece he needed. And we heard a “honk” from the road….could it be the Bombero’s ? NOPE! Its the Granite guys!!! Gulp! Oh my gosh! Would it hurt these people to call first? They have a truck full of granite for the kitchen counters. And Scott was supposed to have cut some plywood to add to the top of the counters which he hadn’t quite gotten to yet! So, the scurry begins…..He asks the guys to go ahead and prepare whatever they need to prepare while he dashes up to the workshop and grabs one of the guys to help him cut the plywood and install it on top of the counters. Meanwhile, I have to hurry up and clear all our shit off the counters!!! I just have to laugh. Seriously!

And we just got an email this morning that Elmec will be delivering our floor tile for the main house that we had ordered a few weeks ago, Today! I have no idea when they may show up. I love the tile here in the casita so much so that we decided we may as well go ahead and buy what we need for the main house. You just never know if they will still have it down the road when we actually need it. So, this is a lot of tile and the delivery truck will not be able to make it to the top of our property where it will need to be stored. Which means Scott will need to schlep it up load by load in his little truck. The store told us that they will have to make two or three trips up here because the truck is too small to carry all the tile. And this should be showing up just about any moment now as well.

I’m hiding in the bedroom as I type this. I can hear sawing going on and lots of noise. I’m hoping our generator doesn’t conk out on them while they’re working. Oh my goodness! This really is just too much at one time. But my ever calm husband is in there working away right along side all the guys. And poor Copper is hiding under the covers next to me on the bed. Maybe I should crawl under there with him! Hah! He’s got the right idea. And to think that this morning I was annoyed that Scott had not thought to have the extra propane tank conveniently waiting next to the BBQ! Hah! Well, This is our life at the moment. And in a little while I’ll have nice new granite counter tops! Probably still no hot water, or gas stove or cabinets , but you wont hear this girl complain….nope! I just look out the window at the incredible view and feel so glad to be exactly here! The Adventure never ends…Sigh…



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  1. Wow Holly you sure are moving right along. Once it’s done, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Hahaha. Busy but it sounds like you are having fun and enjoying the activity.

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