It’s a Hairy situation….



What’s the Freakin’ problem!!! Well, ya see, I’ve been living here in Panama for nearly six months now and about two weeks before I got on that airplane with my kitties and my two suitcases, my dear friend Natalie gave me a haircut. Sooooo it’s been nearly six months since I’ve had my haircut! I know, I can get away with going a pretty long time in between haircuts with this wild, curly hair, but this is getting a bit ridiculous, even for me. Why? you say,is this such a big deal? Well….”Big deal?” Shrug…I don’t know that I’d call it a “Big deal”, per say. It’s just that ,well, I’ve never in my life walked into a hair salon , where I didnt know anyone, and sat down in a styling chair in front of a complete stranger, to have my hair cut ! I know, all my clients who are reading this right now are probably laughing! “Now she knows how we feel!”. And I will say, “yes, and it’s not fun!”

Even before my thirty years as a stylist I grew up in a household with two hairdressers so I’ve ‘never ‘had a haircut by someone I didn’t know. Both my parents were licensed stylists, as a matter of fact they met while they were in cosmetology school! I know, that’s a whole other story! But My Father was the one who ended up pursuing it as his career and he, like me,( or should I say , Me , like him) was a salon owner. As a matter of fact, his salon, where I grew up spending a lot of time, was located in the same small town where I also owned my salon. His salon was very large with about fifteen stylists who worked for him. But I never worked in my Dad’s salon. No, I liked him too much and besides that, I never wanted to be “the owners daughter”.

So Dad was the one who cut our hair, ( my sister and Me), and I’m here to tell you, we did NOT appreciate it at all! Oh, all our friends thought it was soooo cool that our dad was a hairstylist! But not me and my sister! No Way! “Why?” Well, because he was the type of stylist who cut your hair how he wanted to cut it and he didn’t really concern himself with how the person (me or my sister at least) who had the hair on their head wanted it cut. To be fair, my perspective has, of course, become a tiny bit more clear now that I’m not in my adolescence! Oh the glory of hindsight! But just for the purpose of this story I’ll say… that man did not care one bit what we wanted done with our hair and he just did whatever he darn well pleased with our hair! Oh, when I was in elementary school I was thrilled to be the only girl with a bouffant hairdo on picture day! And I bought into his ,”Oh their just jealous!” that he fed me when the girls made fun of all my different hiarstyles. Back when I was so young I just loved everything he did and thought he could do no wrong. Oh how he must have loved those days! But I’m here to tell you, when I was a teenager, I shed many a tear after he got done cutting my hair in our kitchen at night.

I can still hear the aftermath of many haircuts…he would throw his hands in the air and yell…”I’m NEVER cutting you hair AGAIN!” as I was crying in front of the mirror in the bathroom trying to fix it so that I could be seen in public. Oh the drama! It wasn’t just me, I wouldn’t want you to think that I was the sole “brat” in our house, noooo. I’ll never forget when dad decided that Rora, my sister, needed to have her hair “frosted”, ( such a dated term, highlighted would be the modern terminology!) a very similar post-hairstyle encounter ensued …hands were thrown up in frustration, and that oh so familiar vow, “I’ll never do your hair AGAIN!” Blah! Blah! Blah! And how many times did my dad tell me to “get back in that bathroom and fix the BACK of your hair! people see you from the back you know!” Oh the memories of growing up with a hairdresser as a father. All the while all our friends would say, “your so lucky your dad does your hair!” my sister and I would just roll our eyes!

But Alas! The universe has a way of giving us often ‘deserved’ payback for behaviors of our past…….I grew up and had a daughter! Yep! And you guessed it! Don’t you just hate it when you hear your parents words coming out of your mouth! !@#$ My daughter was “ME” all over again! And, yes, I said many times …”I’m NEVER doing your hair again!” I know my dad was laughing up in heaven as he watched all that familiar drama unfold! So, here I am, living in a new country, starting my life all over again and I find myself in very unfamiliar territory not knowing any hairdressers here in Boquete! I know all my former clients are very interested to see how this unfolds for me. Maybe I should ask their advice about this next new experience. How to find someone like me who wants first and foremost for the person sitting in that styling chair to feel comfortable. In this case I don’t get to be the one working hard to make the client feel comfortable, I am the client for the first time in my life, YIKES! I just hope I don’t revert to my childhood and start crying and ….You don’t think that hairdressers here in Panama know how to say “I’m NEVER doing you hair again!”? in English, do you? I’ll try to behave and to be a good client, Lord knows I know what a BAD client is like!!!! Now all my clients are thinking…”is she talking about ME?” lol! Maybeeee (I”m Kidding….Jeessh, relax!) This is one post that will “Be Continued”……

About hollycarter184

Life is Good! But it's time for a change, and more adventure! I'd like to share the whole experience of preparing then actually making a reality of expatriating, and moving to a new country. It's an exciting, and slightly scary move full of possibility . I'm looking forward to learning a new language and making new connections with the people who share our spirit of adventure. This blog is my way of continuing my connection with my friends and family in the States. Sooooo here it goes! :)

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  1. Holly, I think I told you this before, but my Mom was a hairdresser and she had her own shop for many years. I’m back in the states now, and my Mom can no longer cut hair because of her dementia. It’s so sad because I told her I really, really need my hair cut, and she was more than willing to do it…but my brother had to hide her scissors because she was butchering her hair. So, I just told her that we were at a stage in our lives where we need to be pampered. We’re going to go get hair cuts and pedicures and just have a fun day. Buenos suerte and I’ll anxiously await your “to be continued.”

  2. I am super concerned about finding someone to cut and color my hair but more concerned about having an UNKNOWN someone clean my teeth (I know others have found dentistry to be very good in Panama but still…), and then I think about my daughter, my sister and my nephews having someone else be their dental hygienist. I doubt they will continue to go to my office (a long drive), so I will have them face time me during their appointment haha (this way the dental office won’t try to pull one over on them and recommend unnecessary, expensive procedures).

  3. Hahaha! Good luck! it won’t be as bad as you fear. Funny, I remember telling you once how I thought I wanted my hair done — ONCE! Tee hee! 🙂

  4. I remember about a zillion years ago making a call to Absolute Prefection to make an appointment with anyone who had time on their calendar for a new client. Your mother who worked at the salon took my call and scheduled me with her wonderful daughter. A short time later, my sister Chris started going to you too. The rest is history. Our friendship is something I cherish. This could happen to you too when you make the leap into the new stylists chair. Love Cindy

  5. I work on the theory only three weeks between a good and a bad cut. Also check out friends haircuts and go to their stylist.

  6. I know this has happened a while ago, but I just needed to comment. My mom was not a hairstylist but she always wanted to “fix” my hair. Both my mom and dad had curly hair but nothing like what I have. I think I got a double whammy while my sister had poker-straight hair. (She even got a perm for my wedding so that we’d “look alike”…she was 12 lol) Anyway, I had had “big culer” so that mom could stretch out my curls. She also bought me a curling iron…to straighten my hair (?). She also had my use hair straightener chemicals suggested by the salon for “that type ” of tight curls owned “by women of another culture” (I may have been 16 but I knew what she was trying to say…). Anyway, my mom’s “last resort” was always reverting to…the scissors…and the “just let me cut it a little bit” moments. My 16 year picture for school was two days after that…um…er…yes, fiasco (mini Afro) As I got older, the many times I went to the salon and coming out with my brush to squish or flatten it down! Yikes! I hated everything to do with “hairdressers” at the time. For years, never went. Then I tried again just after I got married, and I ended up cutting out a “little problem that couldn’t be pulled out of a hair ‘mask’ when they tried highlighting (yes, frosting!) my hair…crochet hooks didn’t work on curly hair. Imagine that. It’s only the last two years that I’ve let a “hair person” touch my hair. Still scared but I love it. Curly hair…isn’t a toy, people! Lol

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