A Couple Day’s At The Beach…



Since moving to Boquete we’ve had the opportunity to take several little trips to different areas in Panama and Costa Rica. We always love seeing new places and experiencing different areas. But, I have to tell you, every single time we’re away from our new home , we’re delighted when it’s time to go home again. It’s funny how happy we are to go ‘home’! So this past two days we spent hanging out on the beach with some great new friends that we met through my blog. Dan & Janet were out visiting back in August and we all got together and went on a coffee tour and had a great time. We’ve kept in touch with them as they’ve been preparing to make their move out here to Panama. They decided to plan one more vacation out here before they make their actual move which will be early next year. But this time they invited their good friends along, Sheldon & Laurie and their two kids Amanda & Branden. They rented a house on the beach in Boca Chica and we rented a small casita nearby. For my readers who don’t live here, Boca Chica is a small beach community about 2 hours drive from Boquete. We had done a bit of driving around that area in the past but had never really spent much time there so we were happy to have the opportunity to spend more time there.

Dan said, “BBQ on the Beach!” and when he said that, he had no idea what he did!! He got Scott riled up to do some ribs!! And of course he can’t just stop there, nooooo a guys gotta do a side dish or two like maybe , oh I don’t know….homemade Macaroni and Cheese! And just for good measure why don’t we throw in a little Watermelon Gezpacho and what’s ribs without homemade BBQ sauce and heck you gotta have garlic bread !! Yea, Scott kinda looses control when he hears BBQ! And no one goes hungry, that’s for sure. What starts out as a simple BBQ turns into a major Feast when Scott gets involved..and let me tell you, no one complained!! Especially the Lobster that They went and got off the fishing boats in Boca Chica! I don’t think Ive ever had such meaty lobster! What a treat to have Laura there, who is originally from Newfoundland, (I learned that if your from there your pronounce it “NewFUNland”!) That Newfy (I’m guessing that’s a word? and hopefully not a bad one!) can cook lobster, let me tell you!! Anyhow, she had Amanda, her incredibly adorable and beautiful young daughter, go down and fetch some ocean water to cook the lobster in and she was in business! I would be remiss if I didn’t make sure Amanda gets lot’s of credit for the sacrifice she made for our dinner while collecting that ocean water….she had already showered and gotten dressed in clean clothes when mom asked, (very nicely I may add), if she would kindly walk down to the water and scoop up some fresh saltwater for the lobster. While she wasn’t happy about it, she very sweetly, headed down to the water and attempted to get that ‘stupid’ water, but, as luck would have it she was not successful at remaining dry….Poor Amanda sacrificed her freshly showered self and her clean dry clothes for our yummy lobster! Bless her!! Credit where credit is due! Thanks Amanda! LOL! (Stupid Ocean!) 🙂

I don’t know if there’s really anything better than new friends, a beautiful beach, and a wonderful feast shared together! It was good fun having everyone cooking together and sharing our stories of what we eat in the states compared to some of their traditional dishes in Canada. We had a great weekend, sitting outside, enjoying the cool ocean breeze, drinking wine, (well I was the only wino, they were more Rum and Coke folks and Scott had plenty of beer to enjoy), anyways, thats not the point….it was fun to share stories of our lives and laugh about all the stupid things we did as teenagers. Hearing about life in Canada and sharing about our life in California. I marvel at how very different our lives have been and yet how very similar we all are in ethics and sense of humor and just natural inclinations of being good people. Dan said, “everyone has a story, and I just love to hear it!” and That’s so true and it’s something that I never tire of, learning about someones story. I can always find some sliver of similarity with almost anyone, weather its a similarity in what I like to eat, humor, a dream for my future, a painful experience, a movie or book that I like, there’s always some way to find a connection to a new friend. And sharing our life stories is one way to find that connection. We all had a great time swimming in the ocean, sharing meals and good conversation and oh a drink or two as well as lots of laughter.

It was so nice of Dan & Janet to include us in their vacation . We got to experience an area that was new to us. And we also got to make new friends. We’re so excited for them to make their long awaited for move out here to Panama early next year. Even though they wont be living in Boquete, (they’re beach people), we plan to have lot’s of fun visiting each other and maybe even fit in a trip or two to some other exotic location, who knows! They’ll start out their Panama adventure living in a beach community called Coronado so after they get all settled in, we will be checking out their new digs and who knows maybe Dan will be brave and say that word “BBQ”! That is, if he’s ready to have a FEAST!! Now he knows what to expect when he gets Scott going with food! Lol!


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  1. Wow!!! You guys don’t make the waiting any easier. With each post we drool more and more and are ready to jump on the next plane to Panama. Holly, have you ever thought of working as a travel agent?? Even better as a Panamanian immigration spokesman. Keep posting – June can’t come soon enough for us.

  2. Great post!! Just a comment–on the blog site where your blog is printed, there is “snow” falling across the page–I’m sure that is per your design–but it really looks a bit strange to see the “snow’ falling across your pictures of the beach!! “smile”—-sounds like a good time was had by all–

  3. Such a beautiful spot! It’s so nice to hear that you love going “home” after all your trips! I agree with Jerry’s post — you should be a travel agent or a spokesperson for Panama!

  4. What a great blog Holly. We are in Houston now then back to Canada and -23C tomorrow 😁. Can’t wait til we make the final move and having many more fun visits with you guys in the near future!

  5. That was an awesome summary! I’m also half Nova Scotia French…where my lobster history comes from truly. Have to give those relatives credit too. Tee hee. -from Laura…and Sheldon, Brandon, Amanda too. Loved our holiday with you. And loved doing our own Panama “research” with you and Dan/Jan too. Someday…

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